2018 - Energy Storage Systems service provider for LG Chem
2016 - Electric Vehicle Battery & Parts service provider for LG Chem Fiat Chrysler Automobile in North America
2015 - Large Grid Energy Storage Systems solution partner for ACE Engineering, Korea
2014 - Started nationwide LGE TV LCD Panel RMA/Logistic service in Louisville, KY
2014 - Expanded service categories for LCD/LED TV up to 72"
2013 - Started Smart Phone/Tablet factory-level refurbishment in City of Industry, CA
2011 - Expanded service categories for Smart Phones and Tablets
2010 - Alabama facility moved to Fort Worth, TX for LG Verizon Wireless
2007 - Expanded Louisville, KY facility to accommodate large-size LCD panels for Dell
2006 - Opened 3rd facility in Alabama for LG Verizon Wireless
2006 - Authorized Service Provider for Apple LCD displays on MacBook and iMac
2005 - Headquarter moved from Ontario, CA to a larger facility in City of Industry, CA
2005 - Authorized Service Provider for LG Display, HP monitors, and LG Verizon Wireless
2003 - Authorized Service Provider for Apple LCD displays on iBook and Powerbook
2003 - ISO 9001-2000 certification
2002 - Authorized Mobile Phone Service Provider of PCS and Sprint
2002 - Sole LG Philips LCD Service Provider in the U.S.
1998 - Opened 2nd facility in Louisville, KY
1998 - Authorized Gateway, Compaq, HP Monitor Service Provider
1993 - Authorized Apple Macintosh Service Provider
1989 - First facility opened in Ontario, CA
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