• Smart Technology

    ETS helps achieve climate security by deploying smart technology
    in clean renewable energy programs that complement our development solutions strategy

  • ETS has experienced professionals
    in a range of fields

    From building ESS & solar power monitoring and providing maintenance services,
    we will be your reliable business partner.

  • The Mission

    is to increase the useability of renewable energy by storing and managing energy through
    ESS so that energy can be used more efficiently,
    and to design and customize ESS to meet the specific needs of customers.

Renewable Energy

  • ESS Development

    ETS is committed to providing a comprehensive range of services, which include product design, end to end technology, and integrated development services.

  • O & M Service

    ETS provides top-of-the-line O&M Services through operation infrastructure, facility management, improvement analysis, and CRM systems.

  • EPC

    ETS offers a complete range of services related to the development range of energy smart grids, such as RPS power plants, Home & Building PV Systems, and ESS O&M projects.

ETS Service

  • Research & Development

    Our ETS engineers continually explore the latest, cutting-edge technologies and product design methodologies.

  • Fulfillment & Distribution

    As a long-time leader in high-tech remanufacturing and reverse engineering, ETS offers our clients solutions to significantly improve the sourcing and distribution of electronic device parts.

  • Third Party Logistics

    If you are seeking a third-party logistics partner to help your business success in the huge competitive marketplace, look no further than ETS as 3PL company.
    ETS is highly experienced at connecting online retailers and manufacturing brands with third party logistics providers around the world for seamless fulfillment.

  • Staffing & Recruiting

    ETS is an engineering and staffing company specializing in people seeking careers in the manufacturing and professional industry. Since 1989, we have provided jobs in various fields, such as Logistics, IT, Hotels, and Healthcare. Currently, we provide staffing services for those located in CA, KY and GA with over 1,000 active employees.

  • Call Center

    We provide full call center services across all industry segments to help your business efficiently manage customer service (with our live answering service), as well as, internal work productivity (with our virtual office feature).






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